Saturday, January 5, 2013

"OMG Im so OCD"... etc

You've said it, I've said it, "haha look at her binder its sooo OCD", or "Stop being so OCD about it", at the time it was just a witty banter part of my daily vernacular, nobody actually has OCD, so its okay to say it right? That's what you say, until you do have it. Now this doesn't just apply to OCD, it applies to people that have disabilities, or are ADD, Shy (or socially awkward), it applies to being poor or rich, or anything that can be made into a derogatory remark. 
It never bothered me to call someone out to be "ADD" in class or "OCD" about their closet, I'll admit it, I've even been one to say "that's so retarded", "you look like a bag lady", or "At least I'm not a Rich B**ch"  but what I didn't realize was real people really do have ADD, and OCD, there really are bag lady's that would kill to have 1/2 of what you have, rich people really do have feelings, and people with mental disabilities may be slower, but they are the purest form of human.

This never bothered me until I had to sit at a table of people gossiping about how someone who's on medication can never get married, or people that go to psychologists are crazy. Usually I would push it out of my mind, but the way these people were talking in whisper tones with disgusted faces on, as if people with these roadblocks are disgusting and shouldn't even be talked about. There I was sitting at a table of people who I thought were my friends, who know nothing about what I'm dealing with talking about me as though I'm an embarrassment, as though I'm not worth a marriage, or a family, let alone a life.

These people laughed with me, talked with me, and treated me as though I was the optimal woman in society, but if I were to tell them that I had OCD, meet with a psychologist, and am on medication, would that have changed anything that I've accomplished, or the kind of woman I'm? No, it would just change how the world sees me, and that's the issue, were so busy looking at the label, that we never actually see what’s inside. I have come to learn that when you're judged by people you don't miss out on anything, but they miss out on something incredible.
As Shakespeare wrote “ A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” J

Yours Truly,
The OCDiva

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